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Spy Dialer APK

Spy Dialer APK: Have a cell phone number you don’t know who it goes to? Like a missed call or an unknown text message. What do you do mostly in such cases? Most of us will either ask for their name, and some might put them in the block list. But there is an app that can remove all that suspicion and eagerness. It’s the Spy Dialer. The app is sneaky but also legal at the same time. It allows you to know the name of the person that called or texted you. You only have to put in the number. We will tell you in this article how the application works and its details.

Spy Dialer APK
Spy Dialer APK

What is Spy Dialer MOD APK?

Well, as you can tell from this application is used for spying not like spying as in movies but the legal type of it. When someone calls you or texts you from an unknown number, you can use it to know who that person is. When you open the app, you have to put the phone number in it, and it will call the person’s voice mail. From that, you can tell who that person is. This is the only function in the free version. In the paid one, you can do many other things such as knowing the name of the person and even tracking them if needed. The best thing about it is that it is entirely legal. It is quite a stealth, so no one will know that you are spying on them. This application only works on US-based phones. It was developed by Spy Dialer Inc.

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Key features of this application are given below:

  • In the free version, you will be able to hear the voice and can recognize the person without them knowing.
  • The paid version enables you to know the name of the person you are trying to spy on.
  • You can track someone as well.
  • It includes all the options like blocked numbers and set numbers to follow the person who called or texted you.
  • It also assists you to reverse phone lookup.
  • It’s stealth and easy to use.
  • This application is completely legal.
  • Size is small, so it barely takes any space.
  • It can be found on all the android devices.
Spy Dialer APK
Spy Dialer APK

How to Get This Apk?

One can follow the steps given below in order to install this app:

  • Search the name of the application in the play store.
  • Click on the application name.
  • Click install and wait for it to get.
  • Make sure there is space available on your phone.
  • On the computer, you will have to install the APK file.
  • Open a browser.
  • Search for spy dialer APK.
  • Now get the APK.
  • Install it.


Final Verdict:

So, after reading all the above information given, you know how amazing this app is. As you know, it comes in two versions i.e., paid and free. Both are good, but the paid version obviously has more features. You should get the paid one as it is not that expensive and can be handy in many cases. Now you don’t have to worry that much if someone teases you by calling or texting from unknown numbers. You can quickly figure such spam callers with the help of this app. There is no doubt that it gives you such authority while doing nothing illegal. Go ahead now, take this app and let us know in the comments how you feel about it.

Version Information:

App NameSpy Dialer
Cost100% free
Compatible Android, Windows,
Size 1 MB
Developer Spy Dialer Inc.
Current Version1.6.1


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